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  • Apple set up its Production facility at Narasapura near Bengaluru as an initiative to ‘Make in India’ Project.

PureBook X14 (Image

PureBook X14

  • Nokia Announced its first laptop, Purebook X14.
The truth is obscured by Rumors

The entire world has been imprisoned at home due to the humanitarian disaster COVID-19.

It feels overwhelming stress, anxiety, and disappointment in coronavirus lockdown because of the media impact and drastic changes in routines.

Today we are going through a crazy phase in which it is difficult to live mentally…

Happy hour

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a cocktail during happy hour? When Sunday Funday turns into a Margherita Monday, followed by Taco Tuesday, and Vino Wednesday. It’s only the perfect way to end a long workday.

We all know that binging on beer, or any kind of booze isn’t good for health. Even if you have successfully avoided excess drinking over months, beware; as someone insists you, your chances of getting drunk, Drizzy and dehydrated increases. You cannot escape from all this.

If you aren’t willing…

Kuldhara Village

Travel towards a place where many unresolved mysteries are buried. These mysteries are such that the more you solve them, the more you will get entangled in them.

This story of deserted Kuldhara village started about 200 years ago when Kuldhara was a prosperous village. Kuldhara was surrounded by 84…

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